Willow Park

Klamath Greenways Foundation recently completed the installation of a bench
and table at Willow Park, on the Link River. Willow Park, an ODOT property on
Conger Avenue, sits at the northeast corner of the Main Street bridge as it crosses
the Link River. The park looks directly across the Link River at the Favell Museum
and lies slightly under the Highway 97 overpass. The cleanup of the site, and the
procurement and placement of the bench and table, was a cooperative effort of
Klamath Greenways Foundation, the City of Klamath Falls, ODOT and the Klamath
Tribes. A massive willow stands as sentinel in the middle of the grounds, and
although not a watered or landscaped area, it provides a quiet ambience to observe the flow of the Link and the numerous birds and natural activities of the river.
The Klamath Greenways Foundation has done a biannual cleanup on the site for
several years, the most recent of these on May 20th, when KGF did cleanup on
the Link River trail as well as Willow Park. Special thanks go to John Bellon of the
City Parks Department, and Perry Chocktoot, of the Klamath Tribes. Additional
work is planned for the table, but its hoped that the bench and table will add to the enjoyment by those visiting the river’s edge.