Winter Link River

Projects & Activities

Klamath Greenways Foundation is involved in four projects at this time. The first of these is the Link River Festival, a two pronged project aimed at increasing community awareness and knowledge of the Link River Canyon and appreciation for it as a unique resource. We have given it a separate section on the website.  Secondly, our Link River Trail improvement has continued to move forward, with brush removal at the north end of the river near the site of the falls and general cleanup of the river area.  Additionally, we have collaborated with the City of Klamath Falls and ODOT to address parcels adjacent to the Link River, along Conger Avenue and Main Street, called Willow Park.  Along with cleanups, we have added a bench and table to this charming site.  Lastly, we are continuing to work with the city on Conger Heights’ enhancement and protection.  Our work for Conger North, or Link River Estates,  is currently on hold. Each of these areas of interest are defined more specifically on their individual pages.  Future cleanups will be listed here.  This is part of our efforts in working with other community groups and individuals to identify and protect trails and open spaces that are commonly used within our community. As these projects mature, we will keep this website updated.