About KGF


Klamath Greenways Foundation is a volunteer organization dedicated to conserving open space in the Klamath Basin and surrounding areas.  We incorporated in August 2007.  We identify valued landscapes and take steps to protect them.  These may include places such as scenic landscapes and open spaces, urban trails and corridors that provide connectivity, wildlife habitat, or riparian areas.  Our efforts include public education, site cleanups, site enhancement, and working with individuals and public entities to protect specific areas.


Klamath Greenways was born of an ad hoc committee formed in Klamath Falls, to protect “Conger Heights,” an undeveloped ridge of land that rises above the east side of Link River in central Klamath Falls.  The original group was Save Open Space, or SOS.  It evolved into KGF, and working with City officials and exerting public pressure, the land above the Link River is now designated Park Open Space.  The Klamath Greenways Foundation became an Oregon non-profit corporation in August 2007 and received its 501(C-3) status in 2008.