Conger Heights

The_moon_is_upConger Heights is the name designating the steep ridge rising majestically 200 feet above the eastern side of the Link River.  This undeveloped ridge provides the tranquil backdrop to the 1.5-mile Link River Trail, a well-utilized biking and walking trail that hugs the west ridge of the river, which connects Lake Ewauna with Klamath Lake.  Conger Heights has cultural significance to the Klamath Indians who inhabited the area.  They called the ridge Eulalona.

In 1978, Dr. George Nicholson purchased the land for $90,000, and with the intent of protecting it from future development, he gave it to the High Desert Museum.  The land was gifted to the City of Klamath Falls in 1987 on the condition that the gift satisfies back taxes that were due.  In February of 2007, the city proposed selling the ridge to a developer to raise money.  The public outcry was significant.  The city, working with concerned citizens, ultimately designated the undeveloped portion of the ridge as open space for public enjoyment.   Klamath Greenways Foundation was established to continue the efforts to identify, maintain and protect  open spaces such as Conger Heights.  Recent work has focused on inventory of flora and fauna, and on cleanups of debris that has accumulated on the property.  The identification and management of trails on the ridge is next on the list of activities.Conger Heights