Link River & Willow Park Clean Up May 17th

Members and friends are invited to help clean up the Link River trail and river area on May 17th.  We will provide garbage bags, but please bring gloves and  water, and wear clothes and shoes that are sturdy enough for the area.  We will be meeting at 9am at the South entrance to the trail, by the East Side Power House.  We will be following this up with some clean up of Willow Park as time and energy allow.  Hope to see you there.



Library Presentation- Open Space Lessons & the Link River Canyon

Klamath Greenways Foundation will be offering a free, informational meeting at the Klamath County Library downtown onThursday, April 17th, 2014  beginning at 6:30 p.m.   We will be looking at the ways open spaces and greenways benefit a community, their purposes for recreation and how the Link River Canyon fits that model. The program is open to all ages.

Klamath Greenways members will be joined by Katherine Jochim, RN, MPH of Sky Lakes Wellness Center, Jared McKee of USFW and Todd Kepple of the Klamath County Museum. Topics will include the benefits of open spaces for recreation, health and wellness activities, and economic development. The program will cover topics specific to the Link River: its environmental importance, historical and cultural sensitivity, and its recreational and industrial elements.

Link River Canyon Master Planning Initiated

Klamath Greenways Foundation, along with others, has initiated a discussion on the development of a Master Plan for the Link River Canyon.  As part of that process, Alta Planning of Portland came to Klamath to moderate a discussion between many of the stakeholders, as well as citizens.  It is just the first step in ascertaining the need and enthusiasm for this process within the community.  More than 40 folks participated in the informal meeting.  To find out more about it, read the Herald and News article.  The moderated discussion was sponsored by Klamath Greenways, Pacificorp, Sky Lakes Medical Center, Smith Bates Marcomm Solutions and Klamath Watershed Partnership.  We’ll be posting more here as we work through this process.

Link River Canyon Master Plan

Klamath Greenways Foundation, among others, is interested in developing a long range plan for the Link River Canyon.  The possibility and the process are in their infancy, but if you are interested in being involved, or in just making your thoughts known, click on the Link River Query, and answer the questions.  Thanks for your interest!

Annual KGF Meeting

The annual Klamath Greenways meeting will be held on November 12th at 6pm at Rick’s Chinese Bistro at 3249 S 6th Street.  Dinner is available for purchase.  This is open to all of our members and we welcome any others interested in our organization.

Festival Finishes

IMG_0203The first ever Link River Festival went well, and the weather certainly cooperated.  Thank you all for coming out to the Link River, listening to the speakers, filling out your passports, and making the walk down the canyon!  Greenways is appreciative of all the volunteers, participants, businesses and agencies who allowed this Festival to come together.  Here is what one person wrote us:  ”The Link River Festival was a great success, thanks to all your hard work and its many participants. Perhaps most impressive was the crowd – so many who had never visited the canyon before. And people loved the passports – surprising to me – and took them rather seriously as the attached photo shows.”

T-Shirts-  If you special ordered a t-shirt, please contact us at our email address:, as they have now arrived.  Some khaki colored t-shirts are still Klamath County Museum.  

Legends of Eulalona

Perry Chocktoot, of the Klamath Tribes, speaks about the historic village of Eulalona in the Link River Canyon.   Click the arrow to hear about Eulalona and other traditions and legends associated with the Link River.